What is KYSSMET?

KYSSMET is a mobile app & platform which leverages game-based in-store engagement and real-time customer data to:

  1. Drive More Customers to your brick and mortar stores

  2. Convert More In-Store Sales & combat showrooming

  3. Understand Your Customers' purchasing decisions

KYSSMET will help elevate your business and succeed against online competitors by turning your customers’ data into purchases.


KYSSMET’s platform integrates seamlessly with modern eCommerce platforms to communicate with our customer facing mobile app (available on iOS & Android).

Once customers install the mobile app, the path to retail engagement is a simple, fun and rewarding three-step process:

  1. Pick & Scan: Consumers scan products in participating stores and discover items that are eligible for a discount.

  2. Play & Win: Consumers then play a game in the app for a chance to win a discount with every store visit.

  3. Buy & Share: Consumers buy the items they want with the discounts they've won and can share their discounts with their friends.

Grow Your Business

Increases In-Store Traffic:  The KYSSMET app can only be used during in-store visits, providing an added incentive for customers to get offline and into your physical retail location.

Close More Sales & Prevents Showrooming:  Discounts won by customers using the KYSSMET app can only be redeemed at your physical location, compelling them to make the purchase right then and there. 

Level the playing field:  Our KYSSMET mobile app & platform captures real-time customer data with each item scanned, providing you and your store with game-changing information about your customer’s browsing and purchasing behaviour, levelling the playing field between you and your online competitors.

Easy and Cost-Effective

For retailers interested in integrating the KYSSMET app into their store operations, the onboarding process is simple, painless and cost-effective. 

KYSSMET is currently integrated on Shopify Point of Sale tools. To find out more about future eCommerce platforms integrations on our roadmap, please contact us.

Elevate Your Business

To learn more about the KYSSMET app and how we can help your business increase traffic to your store, grow sales and develop a deeper understanding of your customers purchase decision-making contact KYSSMET today. 

Want to better understand your customers?  Join KYSSMET today.